Hospital Treat Bags

If you are preparing for labor and are thankful (in advance) for your nurses, doctor(s), and anyone else that will be taking care of you and your baby during your stay at the hospital, then you might want to consider making treat bags!

I know you can say it’s their job to do this but sometimes their hard work can go a little unnoticed when you are in pain or a precious baby is in your arms. Everyone I gave a treat to were very thankful.

*If you don’t want to make something in advance and can have someone pick it up- I have heard of people getting donuts for everyone- but I gave out my baggies between day 1 and 3 so that’s something to consider with that option.

During my stay I had a total of:

  • 5 Nurses (during labor, delivery, & postpartum)
  • 1 Doctor
  • 1 Anesthesiologist
  • 2 Lactation Consultants

I packed 10 treat bags just in case I needed extra and I packed the extra candy/leftovers to give out as well.

I’m all about staying simple, especially Weeks (or days) before labor so here is what I did for my Treat Bags.. (all purchasable items -except my candy from Big Lots- were from the Dollar Tree)!


  • Baggies (clear or decorated)
  • Ribbon (I chose blue)
  • (Optional)Easter grass or wrapping paper
  • Candy (assorted)
  • Gum (pieces or packets)
  • Gift Bag Tags (DIY with print out + colored paper)
  • Scissors


  1. Assemble candy & gum for each individual bag
  2. (Optional) place Easter grass or tissue paper in bottom of baggies
  3. Place assortment of candy & gum in baggies
  4. Attach the gift tags to the ribbon
  5. Tie the ribbon around the baggies
  6. Cut the extra ribbon and 1/3 of the Treat bag on top
  7. Take with you in a box or bag to the hospital!

Make sure to tell your spouse or family member to hand out the baggies or include it in your birth plan (on paper) that nurses, doctors, and/or medical staff are welcome to get one!

Here is my template for Jett’s Gift Tags! You can insert any photo you like and cut out matching colored paper to have behind it! Let me know if you need me to email the document!

TEMPLATE HERE: Airplane Labels


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