My Birth Plan

Since I am sharing my Vlog about my Birth Story I figured now would be a good time to share my Birth Plan!

Birth Story 2.jpg

Vlog Link: Jett’s Birth Story (My Experience)

I got my Birth Plan template from Mama Natural. She brings up a lot of good points about Birth Plans being way too detailed and demanding..

Don’t get me wrong, you should have a Birth Plan. You should do your research and figure out what birth experience you dream of having. You should make sure to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. BUT.. do not be so set on a Birth Plan, that you end up stressing yourself over it, pushing yourself too hard, possibly putting you or your child in danger, or ruin the overall experience of giving life.

Choose doctor(s) that you TRUST, and when you have to make decisions that you possibly didn’t even consider yourself making during labor ask your doctor what they think is best for you and you can decide from their judgement. Sometimes you may not get a decision and trust that your doctor is doing what is best.

I chose this template because it is visual, easy, and it really is considerate for the nurses. I can only imagine, but if I were a doctor or a nurse and I got some Birth Plans shoved in my face to tell me how to do my job (that I had probably done hundreds of times) I wouldn’t be too happy. Your plan should be to the point and only about your PREFERENCES not for your doctor and nurses to become your magical fairies and swoon in command as soon as you wave a wand. Dramatic? Yes. Yes I am.

Here is the link to Mama Natural’s post with a downloadable Birth Plan: Mama Natural Template PDF or Word

Here is my template that I used for my Birth Plan (and below a description of what actually happened):


Free Movement: Yes until I was given Pictocin.

Natural Water Rupture: Yes.

Intermittent Monitoring: Probably normal checking but not super bothersome.

Lights Dim: Yes.

No Students: Check. (Also I won’t care for my next baby about this one I just wanted to go through the process first).

Immediate Skin to Skin: Yes. After a couple of minutes he was wiped off on my chest with a towel put over him and a little while after that, a diaper was put on him and he was given back to me for more skin-to-skin time.

Delayed Cord Clamping: Not as long as I intended (wasn’t a huge deal).

Delay Eye Ointment: Yes.

Partner to Cut Cord: Yes!

Breastfeeding ASAP: Yes he latched and never had a problem latching ever since!

Delay Exams for Bonding: YES! We had about two hours.

No formula: Yes just my milk.

All of my notes were exactly what happened as well.




What is the wildest birth story you have heard or even experienced? Whether super easy or super hard! Let me know!


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