Labor Inducing Tips

6CFFEAFF-4135-46AD-9EB5-60F82951E614So if you are in your third trimester of pregnancy and in the final stages or plan to have a shorter pregnancy next go around, here are some methods that I tried that seemed to work for me.

I wanted to give birth to my son, Jett, on his due date. My mom had my sister and I on our exact due dates. Not to mention, my birthday was on my “due date”. I say “due date” because the doctor’s technical due date for me was Oct. 2nd, however, my birthday was on the first (and my Great-Grandma who passed away Oct. 3 the year before also shared my birthday on Oct. 1st). SO… for my whole pregnancy I just said Oct. 1st, to keep it simple.

Below is a timeline of when I started doing these things because I wanted to make sure I made it until October. If you are miserable at 37 Weeks and beyond, I’m sure you might want to try these methods sooner and with more intensity.

Remember: Your baby will come when they are ready. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to force it. These tips are to hopefully get things moving in the right direction, not predict your due date or make you go into labor too soon. Listen to your body.

Tips on what not to try:

  • Castor Oil (heard of diarrhea stories much?)
  • Spicy foods 🌶
  • Eating a ton of food to force baby out
  • Nipple stimulation(can cause painful contractions)

From 38 Weeks On

  • Pineapple 🍍 Pieces every day (about a two cups worth)
  • Dates (at least 6 a day // they tasted gross, so I created a recipe – check it out on my blog post coming soon)
  • Squats (10 each night before bed)
  • Exercise/Birthing Ball (I substituted it for any chair I had)
  • Walking 🚶🏼‍♀️BEST METHOD (I walked about half a mile and increased it each half week)
  • Bath Soaks 🧖🏼‍♀️ (in Epsom Salt at least once every three days)
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (an iced 6oz cup)

The Final Week (39 Weeks)

  • I started eating a whole pineapple within two days (the part that helps soften your cervix is the hard core – good luck eating that) *I chopped the core and blended it and put it in a smoothie. It wasn’t the worst thing ever but not the tastiest🤢
  • I worked up to walking 3 miles a day but I did a mile and a half, took a swim (it was still hot in Florida) and then did another mile and a half later that day
  • I still used the Exercise/Birthing Ball every day almost every time I sat down
  • I ate my Dates Bars every day
  • 20 Squats before bed on top of stretches, arm circles (20 circles each arm), and 2 pound weight pumps (20 curls).

3 Days Before My “Due Date”

  • I ate a whole pineapple in one sitting each day
  • Ate lots of Dates Bars and peaches (peaches just because I enjoy them – especially with the dark chocolate Dates Bars)
  • Exercise/Birthing Ball while doing arm circles to the sides and out to the front (25 circles each arm)
  • 2 pound weight for 20 curls
  • 3 mile walk (I would walk as far as I could go, making sure not to over do it. I kept track of the total on my phone)

Keep in mind this took 4 days my real due date was Oct. 2nd (when Jett was born).

P.S. This may be TMI but I am married and we are adults here: intercourse helps A LOT! I suggest at least once or twice a day if you want to get things moving! (It may seem impossible at that point but if you’re desperate you’ll pull it off!)

I hope you can use some of these tips for yourself! If you search on YouTube you can find some Labor Inducing Massages that you can try at home. Be very careful with what you use or do. Message me if you need help or have any questions!

If nothing else just eat you some cake! 🍰

Love, 💕


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