My Favorite Baby Products

Some of the items on my list might seem unnecessary, and to each their own. These are items that I think you may have not considered but totally should. I have a ton of unused bottles that I bought in case I needed. I have a thermometer duck that I never used to check Jett’s bath temperature. And I have bought more of things that I didn’t think I needed that much of.

So here is my list of things that I use on the daily. Things that I need, can’t live without – won’t live without – and why you might need them too.

#1 – The Owlet


Owlet Website

I told my husband we had to save $300 for the Owlet as soon as I found out I was pregnant. (Pricey but worth it). I made the mistake of accidentally forgetting to pack the Owlet when I stayed over at my parent’s house one night. I wasn’t able to sleep the whole time. I ended up staying on the couch so my mom could check on Jett during the night if I were to pass out (which I did two or three times). We never made this mistake again.

I absolutely love the Owlet, you slip it on before bedtime, the battery lasts for hours and hours and doesn’t take long to charge. You can check your baby’s Heart-Rate and Oxygen Level while they sleep to reassure yourself, however, as long as your Base Station is pulsing green and silent – your baby is snoozing just fine.

The Owlet alerts you with a Red Siren Notification on the Base Station if it detects something wrong and Blue if it is Out-of-Range or Yellow if it slipped off of your baby’s foot. (This can happen often if you don’t use socks or sleepers on your baby ON TOP OF the Owlet).

#2 – The Fisher Price Rocker


Fisher Price Rock N Play from Target

I don’t know what it is that makes Jett sleep, fall asleep, stay asleep in the Rocker but he does and it Rocks! (Literally and Figuratively). It has music, a green button for continuos rocking, and (my go-to at bedtime) a 30 minute timed rocking and then it stops on it’s own (so the Owlet can then pick up its reading).

I unfortunately waited around struggling to get him to nap on his own or sleep on his own until my mom purchased it, saying she thought it would work, and folks listen to your mamas – they are always right. He started using it at 4 Months and my only regret is not getting it sooner. #thanksmom

Before I knew what was good for me (hence the Rocker) I ended up wanting this Swing on my Baby Registry from Graco: Click Here for Swing on Target 61nA6vTCrFL._SY355_

The Swing is amazing, Jett falls asleep in it and I love that I can take him out and it turns into a mobile Bouncer, however, it fell #2 compared to the Rocker.

#3 – Gripe Water


Gripe Water @ Walmart

A lot of moms swear by this potion (just kidding it’s all natural). But it is kind of magical. Jett has tummy issues and takes medicine since he spits up often. Gripe water is soft on his tummy and can be given to him up to 6 times a day (5ml each time – but I normally only do 3.75ml). He seems to enjoy the taste a lot too! We prefer this method over Gas Drops, which your pediatrician might recommend before Gripe Water.

#4 – Nose Frida Snotsucker + Windy

Nose Frieda has some amazing products. Two of my must-haves are the Nose Suction and Windy. The Nose Suction works WAYYYY better than a Nose Bulb when your little one is really stuffy. They may not enjoy the process but I am telling you it works! Refills are required for sanitary reasons. The Windy is a device if your little one is constipated and needs to let out gas or go (you know).

You might feel ridiculous the first time trying it but once you see the results you will be buying another box without feeling embarrassed in the check-out aisle. Just make sure only use as directed on the packaging.

#5 – Newborn to Toddler Bath

Amazon Newborn to Toddler Bath

This bathtub has been awesome! It has the foam back so baby doesn’t slip down and you turn around the baby once they start sitting up. Jett still enjoys to lounge and kick and splash!

You can save money from switching bath tubs and save water too!

#6 – BabyBum Brush


Target BabyBum Brush

This is just for fun but it is plain and simple. When you need to lather up baby’s tush with Butt-paste, instead of using a cotton ball or worse – your hand – just get a bum wiper. Travel friendly, purposeful, and I got a fun (gender neutral) yellow color!

You won’t need this as often, it may not get a ton of use, but when it does, it serves its purpose.

So there you have it! These are products that some might not typically think to put on their registry. But from my experience, I really love them! All of the products are still in use for Jett at 6 Months old and will be for a very long time (with the exception of outgrowing the Rocker soon- and that will mean it is crib training time). Prayers are appreciated in advance!

If you need more information on any of these products let me know!


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