Jett’s First Easter

Jett has had a fabulous First Easter! Can ya tell?!

I want to take a minute to remember the reason for Easter. The resurrection of a King. A King of most high. Who lay in a manger. No money, no jewels to His name. A God, who was nailed to a cross in a human body. To feel the pain of a crown of thorns and suffer for a world that didn’t want him. A world who didn’t think that they needed Him. The world that barely noticed His arrival. Yet noticed when the stone was rolled away.

Thank you Jesus for washing away our sins. Thank you for forgiving us. Delivering us. Our Savior lives even after his life here on Earth ended. Praise the Lord. Praise His name!

We stayed in Georgia’s Veterans State Park at Lake Blackshear for Easter weekend. We enjoyed Cabin staying, kayaking, s’mores by the fire, swimming, walking on trails, biking, and so much more!

We are so very blessed this Easter💕Love,

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