BJINGLES Smart Night Light

Hello everyone! I have partner with BJingles Baby Smart Night Light to bring you this blog post of my review of the product!

You can check out my YouTube Video here for a glimpse of it’s functions!

BJingles Vlog

So when I received the BJingles Night Light it cane shipped through Amazon. It was packaged well and had directions that came with it and the charger end.

The charger itself cannot plug into a wall. It is just the USB cord. Luckily for me, I have plenty of USB ports that plug into the electrical outlets so I popped it in the Bjingles Night Light and port to let it charge.

While I charged it, I downloaded the BJingles App and looked at the features. The App offers:

  • Jingles (white noise and musical songs)
  • Baby Talk (you can record clips for baby)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Tummy Pix (for pregnancy)
  • Mom 2 Be (for pregnancy)

Right now I don’t need the pregnancy parts of the app, but I might in the future. I also probably won’t need an Alarm Clock until later on. But the Baby Talk feature is sweet and the Jingles are really good on the app if you want the – what I like to call: “flashing light party”! See below for more on that.

Once it was charged I looked at the manual (which is very simple and user-friendly) and started to work with the functions.

There is a circle on the top of the device that has your two main functions: sound and display. The sound and “ON” is controlled by the center button that needs to be pushed down to turn on. You will hold it down for about 3 seconds and the auto light (yellow-white) will turn on.

You can then link up your phone’s bluetooth and play whatever you want whether on YouTube or your Music Library. If you want to use the BJingles App you can as well.

The display functions are on the sides of the circle. All you do is tap on the sides and a different color will appear. It has a regular auto, dim, and brighter arrays. It also has red, orange, green, pink, purple, and blue. The colors are super bright and really grab Jett’s attention! His favorite part is the “flashing light party” though!

This is where you hold down on the side (whichever side you want) of the top circle and the array of lights the BJingles Night Light offers, will flash and change to the beat of the song! Check out my video for examples.

My favorite part about the BJingles Night Light is the actual lighting it can bring to a room. It is very bright which is perfect for nursing, co-sleeping, crib sleeping, mid-night feedings, or anything else to check on your sweet baby!

Overall I really like this product! If you have any problems they are super helpful with making sure you are all set! But with any product there will always be something that would be easier or better to you. I will say I wish the BJingles App offered more choices in the music and white noise or maybe a lot longer clips/songs and also that there would be a default white noise that played continuously without Bluetooth. It can be a little hard to use your phone during nap time 😴

Here is any info you might need to check them out!

App Store: Bjingles by NK American Way, LLC.




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