BMT Thursday Events Schedule

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If your loved one is going through BMT, you will most likely receive a letter that gives you a general idea of the schedule of events during Graduation Week. It will also give the official date that your loved one will graduate. (We actually thought my husband would graduate a week later and booked a hotel – BUT thankfully we got it changed very quickly once we received the letter!)

Remember every graduation could be different so don’t plan just according to this schedule but maybe it will give you an idea of a possible timeline!

Check out my YouTube Vlog of Thursday here: BMT Graduation // Part 1

Thursday (the first day of Events)

7:00 AM Events Briefing at BMT Reception Center Auditorium

8:00 AM 1.5 mile Airman’s Run

9:00 AM Events Briefing at BMT Reception Center Auditorium (same as above is you missed it)

10:45 AM Honor Graduate Ceremony


1:00 PM Airman, Spouse, and Parent Briefing at BMT Reception Center Auditorium

8:00 PM Airman are due back to their Training Squadron

There is also a Spouses Briefing right before the Honor Graduate Ceremony begins. It was at 9:30 AM (I believe) where the Spouses could go. Fiancé and “serious” girlfriends are allowed to attend as well. It has some great info + if you attend in the summer it will be nice to get out of the heat. AND don’t worry! The Ceremony will not start without you! You may hear the band or announcer but you are important that day – they are not going to start without you, trust me!

As always Fly High! Thanks for reading! Comment below or message me for questions!




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