Traveling with Baby

Hi everyone! Recently I went to San Antonio, Texas from Panama City, Florida to see my husband graduate from Basic Military for the Air Force! #ilovemyairman 🇺🇸

I will share more on that journey later! For now I want to share some tips I learned from traveling on an airplane ✈️ with Jett (who is now 8 Months Old)! Thankfully I wasn’t alone for my first experience – my parents were with me.

So if you are planning on traveling with a baby on a commercial flight make sure you call the airline you are flying with, beforehand to ask them any questions. You also need to call to confirm you will be traveling with an infant (a lap infant). They will still need a ticket and it is so much easier to verify over the phone for them to have ready to print once you arrive.

Some people buy their child a plane ticket but that is so expensive! Save that money and sit them in your lap! They will enjoy the comfort of a loved one anyways being in a different environment.

Make sure everything is packed at least the day before your flight. We had to wake up at 3AM to leave so all of my bags were packed and ready to go. I left my carry on bag open to put Jett’s Owlet inside that he needed to wear until he woke up!

When you arrive make sure you park in a designated area or if you have someone traveling with you (like I did) then get them to drop you off at the airport entrance and have them go park. We had a lot of bags so this was really helpful. However, never leave your bags unattended – even for a second. Airports have a policy about this.

I brought:

  • A Carry-On (you get free with your ticket. This goes on the plane with you and is a small suitcase or duffel bag. Check your airline for dimensions)
  • A diaper bag/backpack (check dimensions with your airline but my backpack is full sized).
  • A carrier (I strapped Jett on me in the airport and navigating through the plane – it was so much easier and I set it under my seat or beside me during the flight).
  • A car seat (this travels free)
  • A stroller (this travels free and you can use it all the way until you are about to board. Before you step on the plane leave it out in the hall for them to pack up for you and return back to you once you land. *Also note: some airlines limit the size of the stroller. I brought an umbrella stroller since it was easier but check your airlines to see if your stroller is the correct dimensions).
  • A Dock-A-Tot Check-In (this went free because we claimed that Jett needed it to sleep in since he has acid reflux – your baby should get one item free such as a pack-n-play, etc.).
  • A Check-In Bag (this was my large suitcase that carried all of my large items and check dimensions with your airline and weight restrictions as well).

Note: Check your airlines for restrictions and allowances on your Carry-On bag. You can’t pass a certain amount of fluid ounces for anything you bring on the plane including a diaper bag. Also pack any medicine you need for yourself or baby in your Carry-On or diaper bag and keep any expensive items with you instead of in the Check-In bag. It’s unfortunate but items are stolen.

This is all of our luggage combined (not picturing the car seat or carrier). My parents each had a Carry-On and shared a Check-In Bag.)

Note: Check-In Bags cost extra! 😩 Our airlines charged $25 EACH WAY for a Check-In Bag.

If you are traveling with a baby and don’t want to be stressed out arrive at least 2 hours before your flight! You never know what you may run into and you don’t want to be running to catch your plane! 🤣 We arrived 90 minutes early because we felt pretty confident with the rules (my husband and I have traveled before with airlines) but my parents had not flown commercially in 10 years! 🤪

Pack your snacks you want in a diaper bag or carry on but do not try to bring water or any liquid to drink. You can buy a drink or water bottle once you are through the security check gate.

Tip: You can bring an empty water bottle and fill it up for free by any water fountain (no not the water fountain water – the filtered water made just for bottles to be refilled!

For your diaper bag pack everything that baby will need but don’t over pack. It will be a pain to store and keep with you in tight corridors.

I would avoid getting up and using the bathroom unless it’s an emergency! Those bathrooms are teeny-tiny! Jett had a wet diaper and I had to change him in the seat because we were stuck waiting for our flight to take off!

If something goes unplanned don’t freak out! It’s already stressful enough taking a baby on board. If you need help, ask for it. People are usually kind-hearted towards babies and mamas, especially the workers for the airlines. It’s kind of their job to be of assistance to their customers!

I hope I covered most of what you will endure or need for your trip! Safe flying!


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