Aveeno Baby Skin Care

Whether your baby has sensitive skin or not Aveeno Baby Products will take care of your baby’s skin.

I am partnering with Aveeno Baby to give you my honest review of Aveeno products. Check out Aveeno.com to see their full line up! Please note this is an honest review, I was a fan of Aveeno products even when Jett Cloud was a newborn!

Last week Jett broke out on his stomach and back. I used other baby shampoo and lotion that irritated his skin even more. He had a breakout like this around 3 Months Old when he broke through his first two, bottom teeth.

I thought I would keep an eye on it for two days and then switch up his skin care routine. After two days the rash kept coming back so I decided it might not be just because of teething.

I started using Aveeno Baby Shampoo and Lotion (I had plenty from my baby showers that I hadn’t used up yet). Within the first day I could tell a difference. Jett wasn’t itching his tummy and making it red and his back is clear from bumps or rashes!

I completely believe in Aveeno Baby skin care! If your baby needs something gentle on their skin, Aveeno is the way to go.

You can check out my YouTube video of Jett’s bath time routine with Aveeno Baby Shampoo and Lotion products soon here!

Thanks for reading!

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