Nashville, Tennessee

So we left for our road-trip on Monday, August 27th to drive 45 hours and roughly 3,000 miles to our new home in Washington State!

Our first stop was Nashville! We actually planned to visit Nashville for our 5th Wedding Anniversary in June but since Jimmy-Drew (hubs) was in Missouri for Tech School we decided this road-trip adventure would count for our yearly anniversary trip. Plus we were just really excited – at that point – to be together as a family again!

So we stayed in Nashville for one night at the Extended Stay America Vanderbilt. It was a modern, updated hotel that had some breakfast food served in the morning (which is why we chose this place!). It was a great experience, nothing bad to say about our stay!

When we arrived – around 5PM that afternoon from driving from Florida that morning – we freshened up and headed to the Parthenon (check out the photo below).

Peep the couple in love behind us 🤣 Oh yeah if you visit here (btw) don’t expect to get a pic without people in it because people will not move, nooooo we didn’t ask but if that bothers you use some photoshop lol.

So The Parthenon in Nashville is a full-scale replica of the actual Parthenon located in Greece where its former glories were in the BCE days. If you are curious about the history here is an article: Ancient Greece Article<<<<<<<

It is a very scenic place with plenty of joggers, people walking their dogs, bikers, picnics-in-the-park kind of stuff, and there is also a train we grabbed a few pics with just a walk away.

And We were going to eat downtown, which isn’t far from the Parthenon (10 minutes at most) and it was poppin’! But little Jett Cloud fell asleep during the drive (yeah he partied hard with walking in the grass by the Parthenon!) But we found a gem by getting drive-thru at “Cook Out” that had burgers for $2, nuggets for $1, and so on! Their prices were right there with Mcy-D’s (which I’m a fan of) but the “Cook Out” was really, really good. Oh didn’t even mention – they had shakes for $2.99 and they were heaven. So yeah buy it and try it cause it won’t hurt your wallet! 😜

If we could’ve stayed longer in Nashville, we would’ve explored more but I’m pretty happy with what we accomplished with our little 11 month old!

Drop below suggestions for our next Nashville visit! I’d love to know what is worth visiting!

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