Paris, Tennessee

Who doesn’t want to take a photo with the infamous Eiffel Tower? Well my husband’s Air Force orders did not say France (but rather Washington that confused people even further – including myself [no not Washington D.C.!]) so we settled for the mini-scaled Eiffel Tower in America! Yes you read that right – the USA baby! 🇺🇸

The Mini Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, Tennessee that is anything but…. what’s the French word: élégant? But don’t get me wrong, I come from a small town where hunting and fishing are the things to do on the weekends so the huge catfish-welcome-sign entering the town of Paris made me feel right at home!

While you are there, if you are in the mood for pasta, the “Olive Pit” was a good Italian hole-in-the-wall to visit. It is small and quaint and the food hit right in this pasta-loving-girl’s heart ❤️ Oh the “huge” meatballs on the menu don’t lie either – they are almost the size of tennis balls!

Right beside the Mini Eiffel Tower is a great park for kids to stretch out and play on! Besides the Mini Eiffel Tower, I haven’t researched this town very much but it seems small and sweet. It was about 45 minutes longer than another route we could’ve chose but… just in case we never visit the real Eiffel Tower… it was worth it! 😘

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