Gateway Arch

Our Cross Country Road Trip Series continues! We made it to St. Louis Missouri and to be honest – I was not expecting this city to be as beautiful as it actually was! 😍

The Gateway Arch was a sight for sore eyes and was really incredible to see in person. We payed a $6 parking fee and had to walk about a quarter mile (half mile in my book) and it was hot to trot! [Yeah our skin isn’t naturally shiny – that’s called sweat 😓].

I’m super glad we got to see it and take a scenic stroll. I kind of felt like I was in a movie for a second, one of those love stories – in the city – and my little family was the cast of extras 💁🏻‍♀️ There was a couple sitting by a pretty pond, enjoying a picnic, while ducks swam near them so I’m not getting this movie idea from nowhere! I thought about grabbing a picture but then I thought… nahhh that’s probably an invasion of privacy. But nonetheless, carry on love birds – carry on!

We only stopped for the Gateway Arch but this little urban area seemed like a gem! I’m sure it has a lot more beautiful things all around. It would be worth another visit one day!

Check out my YouTube Channel – Mama Aerial – to see the Vlogs from our trip! I will be posting this one soon!

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With love,

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