Easiest Dump Cake

So here is my most favorite dump cake to make. My aunt Faye taught me this recipe and I have used it a couple dozen times since. The awesome part about this recipe is that it isn’t just one flavor or one certain outcome, it’s dessert how you want it! Customizable and delicious 😋 How can you not try it?? Not to mention it makes TWO dishes! Well I like to separate the ingredients into two separate dishes! So you can have one for you and your friend. Or just two for yourself (I’m not judging) 😏.

Here is what you will need:

  • PINEAPPLE 🍍 (shredded) you can get whatever pineapple you want and cut it down. I had slices on hand so I used that and cut it up! (Keep it simple people!) I also haven’t tried peaches or apricots but I’m sure that could be just as good too!
  • PIE FILLING (whatever fruit pie filling you would like!) I LOVE blueberry and add some fresh blueberries in (I’ve also just used fresh fruit before) and it works like a charm! {if you used fresh fruit I might add some type of juice to make it a little more liquidy or purée your fruits before dumping) For this cake I used cherry 🍒
  • NUTS (pecans and almonds are the best choices) but whatever you have on hand can work! Or you can totally leave out nuts! Also I usually chop the nuts but the almonds cake sliced already… and I’m lazy… so it works!
  • CAKE MIX (I’ve only used classic white but I’m sure yellow could work too!)
  • BUTTER (I usually use a whole stick and a half or even two) make sure you slice as thin as possible to layer on top. I also let it sit for a couple minutes out of the fridge to cut easily (BUT don’t wait too long or it will be too soft to cut through for slices).

How you make it:

Dump pineapple, pie filling, nuts, cake mix from box, and then place sliced butter where it covers almost completely over the cake mix. (If you don’t cover with enough butter you will have dry spots of cake mix – I usually do but by the time it is mixed it with the liquidy ingredients once I grab some from the dish, it doesn’t make a difference!)

Bake at 350 Degrees for 30 minutes (until edges are golden). And Voila!

It’s not meant to be fancy but it is meant to be good! Add some ice cream or cool whip and ohhhhh-weeeee that stuff is good! Excuse me while I enjoy!


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