Super Easy Fancy Dinner

If you are wanting a fancy meal for dinner that involves 3 ingredients for the main course, a bottle of Italian dressing and potatoes for a side, and a steamable bag of asparagus – meaning EASY, EASY, EASY my go-to recipes are for you! Read on love!

I’m all about easy and I’ve tried this recipe 3 times so far and every time I pat myself on the back for how easy it is. It’s very adaptable and delicious any way you make it! It’s pretty much fool proof!

What you will need:

Main Dish

Crockpot on high 4 and 1/2 hours

  • -Meat (pork chops, pork loins, or roast beef) 4-6 pieces *I would do boneless, skinless if you can but I used pork chops with the bone and it still turned out great!
  • -Preserves (apricot or peach are the best) 8 oz. jar *if you get a large roast beef or meat then get a larger jar of preserves.
  • -Carrots (a whole bag or as many as you like)!
  • Place carrots in bottom of crockpot, place meat on carrots, and spread jar of preserves on top (doesn’t have to be perfect either!)

  • 🚨I want to tell you a little secret! If you have a large crockpot plus a large jar of preserves then you can skip the side dish below and just add your cut up potatoes in with your carrots in the crockpot! They taste awesome as well!

  • Side Dish

    Oven at 450 degrees for 1 and 1/2 hour(s)

  • -Bag of potatoes (about 5-6) wash and chop in small pieces
  • -Regular bottle of Italian dressing
  • Put tinfoil in glass dish, place cut potatoes in separate bowl (or cooking dish) and lather with dressing. If separate bowl, place potatoes in dish. *I used about 75% of the dressing but use as much as you like!

  • Extra Side

  • Microwave 5 minutes (package details)

  • -Bag of steamable veggies (asparagus is what I used!)
  • You can also add in bread rolls or salad for this dinner to make it even more “fancy!”

  • If you try any part of this meal please let me know and tag my Insta @americanmamaaerial 🎊🙌🏼❤️


    Mama Aerial 🦋🌿🌸

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