Color Sorting Toddler Sensory Activity

I found these soft blocks at the Dollar Tree and knew I would want Jett to use them for color sorting and counting!

Jett is 15 Months so I am started this activity now but keep in mind if you start this activity before 18 Months it will not be perfection. Even 18 Months and older it won’t be perfect. When I introduced the blocks to Jett and his friend, Elias, they wanted to throw the blocks, spread them around, stack them, hide them – you get the drift 😑 BUT don’t give up! They need to learn what you expect for the activity!

So I kept the blocks near me and kept reminding them to sit (and not to throw or put the blocks in their mouths lol) and I had to tape the pieces of color coordinated paper to the floor. They wanted to stand on the paper at first and the paper would slide all over the floor!

It takes patience but even after not even 5 minutes they were starting to get the drift! 🙌🏼 And the more Jett does this activity the better it will be and in the future it will lead to counting! All for a dollar! 💵I already had the paper but they have the same paper at the DT so if you buy both it’s still only $2 total!

Here is Jett’s friend Elias (18M) starting to get the idea of the activity! And Jett was helping in my lap 😉

Have fun and some patience with this one! You can use Pom-poms too instead of the squares if you can’t find them! (They are in the teaching/pen/pencil section in the Dollar Tree). Happy learning! ❤️


Mama Aerial 🦋🦄👑

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