Baby Girl’s Name Reveal

Before we became pregnant, we knew the name for a little girl. We had two options for a boy name but nothing set in stone.

I knew after we had Jett and if we had a girl next, I wanted them to have mine and my husband’s initials. So our family is Jimmy, Jett, Aerial and…

Jett came from the aircraft: “Lear Jet” and my parents were going to name me Lear if I were a boy. Well, if I were a girl they were going to name me Aeronca but switched to Aerial before I was born.

So now both of my babies have heritage to names that I could’ve carried as my own 💕

Aeronca is from the aircraft: “Aeronca Champion”. These planes are for personal use or flight training and are one of the most long-standing, popular aircrafts created.

The pronunciation for her name is “Air”-on-cah and said fast can sound like “uh”-ron-cah.

We are waiting to announce her other middle names until she is born (and YES she will have multiple middle names just like Jett Cloud Billy Grey Charles Melvin) 😉



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Mama Aerial

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