Baby Girl’s Baby Shower

My hometown church, El Bethel Assembly of God located in Grandridge, Florida put together a baby shower to celebrate our baby girl, Aeronca Sky!

(If you haven’t checked out my Name Reveal blog post for her be sure to give it a quick read here: Aeronca Sky)

I have been so excited to have a baby shower back at “home” since it will be my only one this time (I had 3 with Jett since he was our first baby). My pregnancy with a toddler has had its challenges (and rewards) but mostly I feel as if I am so busy with Jett I find little time to recognize that I’m having a baby – much less a girl!

After every phase of my pregnancy: the positive pregnancy test, the first ultrasound, finding out the gender, even the anatomy scan I just knew this pregnancy would feel more real to me. But here I am at 22 Weeks and I sometimes forget that I am with child!

At this point in my pregnancy with Jett I was sipping lemonade, suntanning by the pool and taking naps when and wherever I wanted. The closest I get to that scenario this time around is in my dreams (if I’m not interrupted by the constant sounds Jett makes during his slumber over the baby monitor or me creeping in his room in the middle of the night to watch him breathe). Yeah I STILL do that.

However, last night walking in to a room beautifully decorating in pink – (if you can’t tell hot air balloons will be her nursery theme 😉) – it started to sink in. As I touched her little clothes that she would soon wear and received gift after gift, pink on pink on pink I started to really feel like a baby was coming. Not only that but a baby girl!

I’m so thankful to all those that pitched in to make this shower so lovely and all the delicious food that I am still munching on today 😋

El Bethel will always be the church to people I consider family 💗

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Mama Aerial 💕

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