Easter 🐣 Crafts 2019

Jett is 18 months old and his Easter crafts this year will include coloring Easter eggs, painting, and sticker activities!

Below I am sharing his crafts that I put together for him and those he gets to do “on his own” – with assistance of course!

Before I begin craft planning, I look at Pinterest for any ideas I’d like to DIY and I look at the Dollar Tree holiday section to see which ones I will be doing. I also like the packets that can create multiple sets of the same activity so I can give to family members as well!

Since Jett is so young, if a craft doesn’t keep his attention or interest him we try again later and come back to it. If he is completely done I leave the craft half finished and do some finishing touches on it such as personalization of his name and the year/holiday.

Picture Perfect Bunny 🐰

You will need: scissors, hot glue gun/sticks, ribbon, pack of glitter bunnies + photos.

I purchased the glitter bunnies that came in a pack of 10 of assorted yellow, pink and blue from the Dollar Tree. I then printed out 10 photos of Jett (I zoomed in on his face on a photo I liked before printing out 4 by 4’s with no background) but you can have a background and just cut out the face! The size of his head in ratio to the 4 by 4 photo was about two-thirds the size. I eyeballed it and the cut the bunny’s head down to the size of his head!

Sticker Bunny 🐰

You will need: scissors, construction paper, Easter-themed stickers.

This craft is very simple and last minute. I had planned to do Jett’s footprint and then add bunny ears and whiskers to it but my mom didn’t have any paint laying around so I just opted for this simple craft since she got him lots of stickers for Easter! To make them all symmetrical I used the ribbon holder that is round (or you could use anything like a large cup, small bucket to trace the circle) then I just “eyed it” with doing the ears!

Dollar Tree Bunny 🐰

You will need: Dollar Tree Bunny Package, hot glue gun/glue.

This bunny comes in a complete kit. You will need hot glue to put the eyes on (I always do this last when Jett is done with the craft) and the rest are already sticky to put on the bunny 🙌🏼

Easter Photo Egg 🥚

You will need: A Easter-themed photo, scissors, construction paper, colored utensils like markers.

I always try to print out a holiday-themed 4 by 4 photo that I take of Jett. Most of the time I just send the photo but I decided to add an “egg” around the photo for Easter. (Just like you could do a heart for VDAY or a present for Christmas). I glue the photo onto construction paper and then trimmed around the photo to look like an egg. You can do polka dots or stripes with markers after you are done!

That’s all the Easter crafts I had this year! Like I said I wanted to do a footprint 👣 bunny but I will probably wait until I get home for that and we also did a Dollar Tree Easter-themed paint kit. It comes with two photos and the paint and paintbrush. Jett loves to do those!

I hope you all have a very happy Easter and celebrate Jesus rising again! Even if every season isn’t good, He is good in every season! 💗💗💗

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