Mamas… Take the Picture

I’ve seen it so many times. Articles and posts telling (pleading) dads to take photos of mamas and their babies.

It’s so natural for me to take a million photos of my husband and our son. There are so many videos he is in and I am behind the camera. Some of which has to do with me being a photographer and videographer and just naturally capturing moments. (We also are a military family so I don’t have other family members to step in and take photos either.)

BUT… reminding my husband to take pictures of me and our son is almost like pulling teeth. He huffs and he puffs or he takes a 5 second clip or takes the most blurry, unflattering photos. 🙄

Now let me insert the bragging part about my husband here – he is an Instagram husband so he knows full and well how to take beautiful photos. He is my assistant photographer and videographer so he knows the poses and he knows the angles (and always does an amazing job for me) THEREFORE I’ve come to the conclusion: dads (men in general) do not truly appreciate the value of taking a photo to hold on to that moments memory.

Because let me assure you, my husband is the first one to look back at photos (especially of himself lol). I don’t think he understands he will have millions of those photos on my phone for our son to look back at in his future, however, I will only have my posed, poised Instagram photos or the blurry, unflattering ones with literally the worst lighting ever. 🙄

Our son is now 18 months and I have come to the realization that selfies are not so bad. That taking pictures in the mirror are actually okay and hey if I need to do self timer or ask my husband to take a photo of me (or heck let’s be honest and just say a girlfriend of mine) there are no excuses. If I want my children to have photos of me and them, I have to take matters in my own hands. And it’s something so important – I wanted to share with you today.

Mamas… take the picture.

Take a selfie with your babies. No matter how cheesy or silly you feel. No matter if you are all dolled up or in your everyday no-makeup and mom bun. Hold your babies in the mirror and pose like you are your own photographer. Prop your phone up and video your moments with your babies that no one else may be capturing for you. And pro-tip: take screenshots from the video for photos!

You will look back one day and think: “no one took photos of me and my children” but at the same time – neither did you.

Mamas, we deserve to be captured in our babies’ everyday moments too. Because one day soon, all your babies will have are those memories – no matter how you had to get them ❤️

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