Gulf World Florida 2019

My mom has been so excited to take Jett to Gulf World here in Panama City Beach FL. When me and my sister were little my dad’s parents took us so she wanted to carry on the tradition.

This turtle was swimming around in a loop and stopped to come over and look at Jett!

Jett is 18 months, however, I knew he would looooove to see all the animals and be around water (which is his favorite of course). As it turns out, we were planning on spending about 2 hours at Gulf World and ended up spending 3 and a half! Which if you have a toddler, you KNOW it’s pretty rare to stay at one place in public for more than one to two hours. So he really, REALLY loved Gulf World!

We ended up watching 3 shows during the course of the day, two dolphin shows and a Feather (bird) & Friends Show that featured other animals such as a rat, a cat, a dog, and so on. Jett’s favorite was the Rough-Toothed Dolphin Show but he wasn’t as into the Bottlenose Dolphin Show – though I will warn – if you are in the bottom two rows you will get splashed!

They also had a sting ray exhibit where you could pet the stingrays on their backs, free of charge or feed them for extra. Jett’s favorite was an exhibit that had fish and a waterfall in it because he could stand on his own and see right in it. He did not want to leave this area (though we went back to it 3 times)!!!

We all had a really great time and I am thankful we could all go and enjoy it! it’s easy to forget how beautiful Florida and it’s wildlife can be!.


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