Easiest Chicken Pot Pie 🥧

My husband and I have been making this pot pie for years now. It makes two and is super simple!

After you grab all your ingredients and combine, you bake for 30 minutes (or longer depending on how you like the crust) and you have one pie to eat and one for leftovers (or you can freeze the whole pie too)!

For starters you need:

  1. Frozen pie shells (pack of 2)
  2. Refrigerated pie shells (pack of 2)
  3. Chicken (canned [drained] or cooked chicken – shredded or cubed)
  4. Cream of Chicken Soup
  5. Frozen mixed vegetables

The amount is up to you. You can portion out 2 cups of veggies and 1 can of cream and 2 cans of chicken for starters or for our latest we did two packs of 16oz veggies, two 1lb 10oz cream of chicken soups, and about 1 and 1/2 pound of cooked/cubed chicken!

Side note: We like to buy a big pack of chicken, cook it in our instant pot, and portion out bags of it to freeze! We normally do shredded but my husband cooked it this time and did seared-cubed!

Your steps are as follows:

You can totally do super cute designs to make your creation – well – pretty BUT the taste is the same and if you are looking for easy (that is just going to be devoured anyways) you can leave it plain like we do!

Not to mention this recipe is budget friendly! Tasty and cheap? No wonder it’s one of our family favorites!





Mama Aerial 💖

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