Aeronca Sky’s Birth Story

On August 8th, 2019 my mom, Jimmy, and I headed to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, Washington in the early morning.

My dad told us goodbye and good luck as he stayed with Jett Cloud, our son who was still sleeping (and had no idea he was about to gain a little sister!).

I want to share my story (not every gruesome detail due to privacy) but most of my journey!

7AM – We arrived at the hospital and I was put in a room, put in a gown, and an IV inserted 🥴

My contractions were monitored and on their own were happening every 6 minutes consecutively.

9AM – I still had not seen my doctor for he was making his rounds but he went ahead and gave the go-ahead to my phenomenal nurse, Heather, to start the Pitocin on a phone call.

FYI: I elected for an induction since we live far from family and they only had a certain amount of days they were in town. I knew we would absolutely need the help! #milsolife

As soon as the Pitocin hit, my contractions turned painful where I couldn’t talk through them. I slept through my contractions with Jett and wasn’t expecting for things to pick up so quickly. I asked Mrs. Heather for some pain medicine and to put me on the list for an Epidural. *Sorry I ain’t no Pain Tolerance Hero 💁🏻‍♀️* At that point I was breathing and quietly crying through contractions but soon after the pain meds kicked in I got a little nap in.

10:30AM – I received my epidural. Fun stuff. Jimmy was able to stay in the room with me this time. He sat in a chair, holding my legs as I sat on the side of the bed with silent tears running down my faces. Mostly to do with fear of a giant needle inserted in my back BUT I wouldn’t know I didn’t see anything 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lucky me, right?!

Up ’till now I had been fairly quiet during my labor. *Laughing at myself now thinking I wouldn’t be screaming by the end of it*.

Shortly after I had a catheter inserted. As you can imagine it was as unpleasant as it sounds. It caused a lot of discomfort as well as having to deal with my blood pressure dropping so the anesthesiologist had to come back in multiple times to monitor me.

12:30AM – I started to complain about all the pressure. Mrs. Heather thought it was my catheter since I was only dilated to a 7.

She used the peanut butter ball (a peanut butter shaped ball type-pillow that goes between your legs) and rolled me to my side. I had one contraction I screamed through. While I was on a break from a contraction I kept putting my hand to my back side and saying I felt so much pressure.

Mrs. Heather kept asking me to try to explain it. Crying I finally said it felt like I had to use the bathroom (if you get the drift). She immediately checked me and I was dilated to a 10 within those couple of minutes. 😳 Another contraction hit right around this point and I started screaming again – louder.

As I was trying to get the hang of pushing through contractions – because pushing actually helped alleviate pressure and helped me focus – I heard lots of voices in the room. I looked up and it was like a little crowd of people watching and getting things ready. For a second I thought I hallucinated that they were holding up signs, the “You are #1” foam finger and popcorn as if ready to see the football game start. 🤪

I’m still shy in some ways even with my husband. Not that day. I did not CARE who watched. You a nurse? Get in here. New friend? Best believe it. Stranger? All are welcome! I had no energy to do or think of anything else.

It was at this point I was secretly wishing for those happy meds that helped me take a nap earlier. Unfortunately there is a cutoff time of having that stuff. 😫

1:25PM – I had been dealing with my last part of labor. My doctor had finally made it after being called three times by my nurse who I thought might end up catching my baby. As soon as he entered the room I felt a little bit of relief (internally at least).

In the same fashion as with my son, I kept apologizing for screaming. After every contraction I would cry that I was “so sorry” and “I am trying really hard” and they kept reassuring me that I was awesome, a super woman and that I could totally do this.

I believed them UNTIL… I was pushing for what seemed like forever and as her head was crowning (no not princess style like it sounds), my contractions stopped and I had to WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT CONTRACTION. Those 90 seconds felt like 90 years. I was SCREAMING that I could not do it. My brain was just like…. nope.

1:35PM – But when another contraction came I pushed 2 times. My doctor sternly told me to stop pushing to prevent me from pushing again, as he moved the umbilical from her neck. In that moment I had no idea what was happening but I was at a stand- still, listening to hear her cry. I don’t think I screamed at all. I had to push one last big push for her shoulders. Right as I desperately said “she’s not crying!” she gave out her little cry and all was right in my world again.

She was placed skin-to-skin on my chest and was able to nurse a little bit later after I received stitching and having my placenta, which took a lot of my energy (I screamed after birth too). Fun isn’t it?

Now that I’m all woozy thinking back at my story I’m proud of it. I did it. I am a lot stronger than I realized, especially powering through with healing afterwards. I feel pretty empowered. Tired but empowered.

My dad and Jett Cloud came to visit us at the hospital after we were moved to another room to recover in. Jett loved meeting his sissy. He has loved her ever since, I think even more now! 💗

Women are made to do incredible things!





Mama Aerial

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